EZ RAPID Medical Weight Loss Clinic

EZ Rapid Weight Loss combines safe, effective and proven medical weight loss methods with easy to follow diet, nutrition and exercise plans to ensure your weight loss success. When you become a patient at one of our conveniently located medical weight loss clinics, you can expect to receive highly personalized attention in our physician-supervised weight loss program. EZ Rapid Medical Weight Loss will implement an individualized plan for you that will include cutting-edge weight loss medications, scientifically formulated supplements, a multi-phased nutrition plan, exercise regimen, education and an extensive support system to help you achieve your desired weight loss goals safely and effectively. 

Weight Loss Medications

B12/MICC, appetite suppressants and more.

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Weight Loss Supplements

Glucose support, Ultra D-tox plus other weight loss supplements.

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Weight Loss Education

Our medically supervised staff provides personalized support and direction.

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Weight Loss Support

Weight loss, supplement and medication telephone support.

Weight Loss Nutrition

A 4-Phase weight loss diet and custom nutrition plan.

Weight Loss Exercise

Easy to follow individualized exercise plan.