Ez Rapid Weight Loss Rockville Centre

We are not your average Weight Loss Programs fit for all.

All our programs are custom designed for individuals based upon their needs and affordability.

We believe that an intervention at high school or college years is very important and lessons learned and behavior modification during this age,can last life long.

we have "special programs for Students".

Excess unhealthy weight is also known as "Obesity" and is a complex medical condition if not curbed can feed it self, means bigger you are more you need to eat, more you eat bigger you get ......

and to mitigate is presence in your body requires a serious treatment plan.

That's why Ez Rapid Weight Loss Rockville Centre, programs use medical, nutritional, physical (exercises), mental ( Meditation,Yoga), Portion Control (regular and predeceased diets, Bars& Drinks) and behavioral elements to help you.

Ez Rapid Weight Loss Rockville Centre, programs are not only weight management but life style changes to give you healthy long life,with achieving lasting wight loss:

a) Medical Supervision

b) Caloric balanced meal plans

c) Effective Exercise programs

d) Stress free living ( meditation and Yoga)

e) Good nights Sleep ( Mitch Proffman methods)

f) Portion control (eating outside)

g) Patient Education modules:

- Nutrition

- Behavior modifications

- Life Style changes

- Social atmosphere ( community is immunity)

- How to deal with stress at home and job

A selection of program right for you.

Phase 2. Cost $199.00/ visit [ Weeks 1-12] Active weight loss

Completion of patient demographics, personal and medical history with prior weight management information. A detail of your daily actively and choice of foods eaten every day, A statement from you detailing in your opinion why you have gained weight. Signing an informed consent to medical physician assisted weight loss.

Interaction with clinician to go over the medical history, understanding of your daily activities, diet and number times and amounts you consume food. A detail of your job activity and stress. Sleeping habits etc.

A minor examination by physian of your tongue top and bottom, appearance of nails, and listening to your lungs and heart.

If, the exam is normal limits, you will be given choices of treatment programs.

Start a self managed program and receive complimentary two (2) weeks of diet pills.

Additional Costs.

a) A "7day Rapid Detox and cleanse" $49.00

b) Energy booster shot " B12 " injection $49.00, Can also buy additional supply $39.00 each or 30 multi-dose for $210.00

c) Vitamin D3 5000 I.U. 3month supply                  $20.00

d) Q-SORB Co Q-10 2 months supply                  $ 20.00

e) Omega-3 Fish oil 1200 mg 3 months supply    $ 16.00

f) Maximum strength Triple Omega 3-6-9 Fish    $ 20.00

h) Multi Vitamin                                                         $ 12.00

i) L-Carnitine 500 mg 2 months supply            $ 15.00

j) Green Coffee bean extract 3 months supply    $ 26.00

k) Magnesium 500 mg 4 moths supply                 $ 10.00

L) Glucomannan 500 mg Konjac Root                  $ 20.00

M) Konjac root with White Kidney Bean                 $20.00

n) Glucose tolerance or pregnancy test                $10.00

o) EKG                                                                      $100.00

p) Hgb A1C                                                              $50.00

q) Hemoglobin                                                          $20.00

r) PFT                                                                       $20.00

s) Fat percentage Tanita scale                              $30.00

t) Caloric evaluation Metabolic RMR & VOO2     $100.00


There are all inclusive programs available, please ask the staff.

PHASE 3. $199/visit [ Weeks 13-18]

Gradually patients transition back to independent self management of their weight using the teachings learned in last weeks.

PHASE 4. $199/visit Ongoing

Patients are encouraged to participate in ongoing support sessions to help them manage their weight long term.