Welcome letter to New Patients.

Dear Patients,

First I want to personally thank you for electing us to take care of your health issues and welcome to our group of Weight loss programs. We dot define your health statistically or mechanistically, or by BMI or by any other number, but as ability to adapt to one’s environment.

The role of the physicians is to help you adapt to your unique prevailing conditions, by replacing perfection with adaptation. We can get closer to a more compassionate, comforting, and creative programs for weight management, means we can design programs according your needs and affordability.

All our Weight loss programs are under physician care. Depending upon the program or level of care you elect, we can provide balance education, appetite management, and activity to lose weight. Teach strategies to keep weight off and live healthy long life using real food.

Our programs are not a quick fix, but are lifestyle changes. Our motto of all programs is that if it is not pleasurable it is not sustainable. We help you develop a culture of connected as behavior is contagious. If you lose weight every one near you want to lose weight and may create a social network of healthy eater people. Community means immunity.

We have capacity to rewire our brain and develop new pathways. The body will fall for what you think. We can change the cultural programming, genes and environments, if you have a target or motive or believe to live for some thing. First thing is keep your age a secret.

A healthy body has Stable sugar levels of fasting between 75 and 80 and after eating food 175. Stable low cortisol levels, a good quality 7 to 8 hours of sleep, avoid liquid pounds by keeping Glycemic stress low as it makes excess liquid in body that becomes fat.

Keeping stable high Vitamin D levels (50 to 80) in the body promotes good health and avoid many health issues.

The functional fitness nearing the daily life is very important as studies have shown that aging is related to the weight. Fight gravity by getting up every 10 minutes every hour or walking around, sitting increases the gravity and make you age faster.

We can teach you how to improve a balance of your body which is very important.

 We have weight management programs for every one, please ask us to design for you to help you lose weight and most important to change your life style to keep it off.

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